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I-panel is designed for both commercial & household applications. It is designed to directly fit in standard drop ceilings, recessed cut-ins, surface mounted or hung. It can also be applied to walls as additional light source & decorative illumination.

Lanscape/Path Light
The Landscape / Path light is applied to indoor or outdoor landscaping, bridges, parks, foyer landscaping, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, theaters, museums, government buildings, swimming pools, transportation terminal building etc.

Mini Path Light
The LED Mini Path lights are made with a beveled stainless steel surface cover, inner casing of high strength plastic, a matching power supply and accessories. It is designed for a variety of applications such as in-ground and wall decorative lighting.

Recessed Floor Light
The LED Recessed Floor light are designed or indoor & outdoor illumination applications within public squares, pathways, walkways and many more. The Aluminum face is treated with a special anode oxidation process which produces an even grain appearance which appears elegant, refined and timeless.

Mini Spot Light
The fixture housing of the LED Mini Spot light are made of pure aluminum and treated with special anode oxidation process. Based on the mounting type the LED Mini Spot light applications include indoor illumination of walls, ceilings, cabinets, exhibits and landscaping.

Embedded Light
The embedded light are typically used for down lighting, side lighting, in- ceiling and in-wall installation both outdoor & indoors. LED Embedded light are manufactured to CE and UL Standards.

Pendant Light
The Pendant light fixture offers easy adjustability to achieve various light angles. They are typically used for accent and focal illumination, down light illumination from ceiling or the illumination of specific points of interest on walls, art displays, cabinetry, counter tops, tables, etc.

Ceiling Light
The LED Ceiling light fixture are typically used as down light from ceiling or within window framing for the illumination of specific points of interest on counter tops, tables, office desks, end tables and many more. These are IP40 rated and manufactured to CE and UL Standards.

Wall Washer
The LED Wall Surface Light are designed for outdoor & indoor applications for illumination in courtyards, walls, pathways, hallways, landscape facades and many more. This light is designed to be applied as an embedded fixture.

Wall Surface
The LED Wall Washer is a superior linear large surface washer fixture. It is designed for outdoor applications for illumination of building, courtyards, walls, pathways, landscape facades and many more.

Neon Flex
The LED Neon-Flex is designed to replace the existing glass neon which is know for complicated installation, fragile glass nature, high maintenance cost & power consumption. These can be used for signages, cover lighting, decorating building, pathways, hallways, and many more.

Aqua Light
LED Aqua is suitable for pool as the colorful illumination for water surface, water column and fountains to produce reflection and color mixing, a beautiful and decorative lighting effect. The users can adjust the beam angle and direction to make the best illumination effect.

Led Lamp
LED Lamps are suitable for use as feature decoration in places such as malls, homes, shop, cabinets, counters, signboards of restaurants, partial lighting for offices, reading rooms, suitable for jewelry and fashion stores etc.

Courtyard Light
The LED Courtyard light is designed for use in places such as indoor & outdoor landscaping, pathways, garden (accents) marker, decks illumination and many more.

Adjustable Spot Light
The LED Mini Adjustable Spot light is designed for mounted or bracketed installation onto walls or flat surfaces. The LED Adjustable Spot light fixture head is easily adjustable to direct the light to specific areas and angles. The LED Mini Adjustable Spot light are typically used for illuminating accent tables, focal points of interest on walls, art displays and many more.

LED Tube Light
This easy to install LED Tube uses 2 color combination of white and yellow to give off different effect. This Tube is a new LED product that can be installed on the exteriors and interiors of architectural structures, showrooms, exhibitions etc.


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